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Eucharistic Eating

Eucharistic Eating (Lecture Series) Purpose of the Series To place our daily eating into the context of the Eucharist and to bring the Eucharist into our daily eating. Thanksgiving (Eucharisto) is at the heart of Eucharistic eating. Each lecture will move from the general idea of thanksgiving into the idea of thanksgiving in Holy Eucharist.

About St. Philip’s

The history of the Church of St. Philip’s begins at the turn of the 20th century. At that time, there was no bridge over the Red River to the rest of the area now known as the City of Winnipeg. In the year 1900, Mr & Mrs. W. H. McKinney approached the Venerable Archdeacon Fortin with a view to having services in Norwood. The result was that on May15th, 1900, Sunday School and Services were started in the McKinney home on the corner of Linden Avenue which is now Lyndale Drive and Marion Street. The Rev. E. Burch was assigned to the parish in the role of Curate. On November 18th, 1900. the “Little Wooden Church” was opened on Eugenie Street by the Venerable Archdeacon Fortin, then Rector of Holy Trinity Church, Winnipeg. Thus began the life of St. Philip’s Church.(parish program from 100th anniversary service).

    Reverend Tanis Kolisnyk, Jan 1, 2017

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