Ascension Sunday

This Sunday St. Philip’s will be celebrating the Ascension. The celebration of Ascension seems to be overlooked due to the events that precede and follow it. The deeply emotional journey of Holy Week that brings us to Easter and the thrilling event of the Pentecost are stories that deserve our attention. However, if we do not also celebrate the Ascension we will do harm to our understanding of these events.

Ascension helps us to complete the story of Easter. If we leave the story at Easter we leave Christ on earth and so also leave ourselves stranded there. The Catechism will help illuminate our situation, “Left to its own natural powers humanity does not have access to the “Father’s house”, to God’s life and happiness. Only Christ can open to man such access that we, his members, might have confidence that we too shall go where he, our Head and our Source, has preceded us” (Article 6, 661 of the Catechism). It is the Ascension that emphasizes that through our adoption in Christ we will reside with him in the kingdom of God.

It is this completed story of the Gospel that the apostles share during Pentecost and throughout their missionary journey. It is this complete Gospel we too must know and share. So come and let us join together this Ascension Sunday and give the Ascension the time and thought it requires.