Can Opener: Small but Important

Can opener

We have a food cupboard here at St. Philip’s. It’s not much as such things go, but once in a while it enables us to help someone in need. Today someone came to our door in need of food. They told me (Rev. Donald) they couldn’t use canned goods because they had no can opener. I went up to see what I could do for them. Surveying what was on the shelf, almost all of it was in cans. I was about to go and tell them that I only had a couple of items when I looked on the top shelf, and what did I see? Two can openers.

Can opener
The remaining can opener.

That meant that I was able to give a much better variety of food to the people who had come asking. It also got me thinking about how the absence of such a little thing as a can opener can so limit the choices for people who struggle to meet their basic needs. Sometimes I find myself wondering about pop-top lids. I sometimes think that we want everything to be made easy for us. As if we find it to much work to use a can opener? Then I run into people like I met today and I realize that pop-top lids would help give them better choices for eating. It may still be a long way off from finding fresh food for everyone to eat, but it’s still closer than where many people are now. As the saying goes, “we might not be able to do everything, but we can all do something.”

I don’t know who left those can openers on the top of our food cupboard but I want to thank them for thinking about that little extra that might mean a lot to someone else. Maybe, the next time we’re thinking about making a donation to Winnipeg Harvest, we might want to add a can opener to our list.