Confirm not Conform

Beginning on Tuesday, October 20th, at 7:00 pm, St. Philip’s will be offering Confirm not Conform. Confirm not Conform is a program for adult Christian formation put out by Forward Movement. If people are familiar at all with Forward Movement it is usually through their daily devotional series Forward Day by Day. 

Bible Study confirm not conformThe video at the top of the page includes comments from people who have been involved in Confirm not Conform.

Confirm not Conform

Confirm not Conform was inspired by observing parents bringing their children to confirmation class, and then either going for coffee or just sitting around and waiting for the children to be finished. In conversations with these parents, the designers of the Confirm not Conform program discovered that many of the parents either didn’t have a strong idea of what was going on in confirmation classes, or their own experiences in confirmation classes had not lead to a firm grounding in faith.

Out of these conversations the course was born. It can be used as an adult confirmation class, but one of the main focuses is to allow adults to refresh themselves on what they believe. Many adults feel that what they got out of confirmation class was a set of rules that they need to follow to behave as Christians. That’s conformity. Confirmation is re-affirming what we believe.  It comes from asking difficult questions. It comes from examining and evaluating our spiritual practices.

This series will be a chance for anyone interested to re-examine the basics of what they believe. It will be a safe place to ask questions, no matter how difficult. This is built into the program, as one of the first exercises in the classes is to lay down mutually agreed rules for any and all class interactions. Once these rules are agreed upon, everyone is expected to respect them.


Two other things should be noted about this program. It is 18 weeks. The first part will run from October 20th until December 8th. The second part will pick up on January 12th, and run until March 29th. This is 19 weeks, because February 9th is Shrove Tuesday, when St. Philip’s hold it’s pancake supper. The second thing to note is that these sessions will involve the participants doing some work outside of the weekly meetings. As a result, if you sign up, you need to be willing to commit to the whole program. That way the burden of participation doesn’t fall on only a few people. We look forward to people joining us starting on the 20th.