As part of it’s commitment to the community of St. Boniface-Norwood, St. Philip’s offers it’s building for rent at reasonable rates.  We have two parish halls, along with the main worship space, and one or two smaller conference rooms. If you are wanting to rent the building, you can submit a request using our rentals form at the bottom of this page. You can also check our calendar to see whether or not the building or room you require is available on the date you wish to rent it.

Building Rental Rates:

Parish Hall: (125-250)

Reception with Dinner:                               $200.00

Reception (no dinner)                                 $150.00

Meeting/Conference                                    $100.00

Memorial Hall: (75-100)

Reception/Shower/Party                          $100.00

Meeting/Conference                                    $  50.00

Meeting Rooms:

Meeting                                                             $  40.00

General Guidelines:

* Long term requests negotiated on an individual basis

* Building is a No Smoking facility

* Additional charges may be added for sound equipment, etc.

* Damage Deposit – $100.00

* Renter required to get MLCC license

* Insurance

Basement Hall available as rental


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