Sacred Circle Gathering – Day 3 Report

Sacred circle procession.

This is the daily report of the third day of the National Indigenous Anglican Sacred Circle, held last month in Prince George, British Columbia.

Sacred circle procession.
A group in procession at the National Indigenous Anglican Sacred Circle. St. Philip’s deacon, Rev. Tanis Kolisnyk is at the middle right of the photo.

Sacred Circle Gathering Day 3

Morning Prayers and Music: The morning opened with moving poems from Dennis Saddleman, music, prayers in Manitoba Cree and Nlokepmcin. Prayers were also given for the PG fires and people that have lost their homes. Members broke into their groups for GBD this morning. “Every time we meet we can feel the bond that grows more. It makes you see what could happen if you did GBD regularly.” “It is eye opening. It allows you to see God working in other people and feeds your spirit.”

Primate’s Commission on Discovery, Reconcilliation and Justice: The Rev. Andrew Wesley and The Rt. Rev. Riscylla Shaw explained the terms of reference for the commission, the work accomplished, including the hiring of Melanie Delva as Reconciliation Animator and the production of a video on the Doctrine of Discovery by Anglican Video. Members watched an early version of the film. The memory keepers were very moved by the film. “I’m so proud of these people, but also sad about how little has changed.” “We have incredibly intelligent and successful Indigenous people among us.”

Vision Keepers Council: The Rev. Laverne Jacobs, Judith Moses, Danielle Black, The Rev. Leigh Kern and Aaron Sault explained the terms of reference for the Council and work they are currently engaged in. The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) is their minimum standard. The Council will be monitoring parishes for projects and actions that further self-determination and create an online inventory of these projects including a contact name. Before lunch, the Diocese of Saskatchewan sang and said grace in Woodland Cree.

Archives: Nancy Hurn, Archivist for the ACC explained the work of the Archives Department and the many collections around residential schools. She showed how to search the Archives database and pulled up documents and pictures from residential schools. Larry and Elizabeth Beardy and Peter Kitchekesik presented her with a friendship blanket, as she will be retiring September 1st.

ACC Website and Social Media: Brian Bukowski gave an overview of the Indigenous Ministries website including resources, history and information on current programs. He

accessed liturgical texts, and showed that some were available to download in Cree, Facebook and

ACIP Members elected in Provincial Caucuses: 2018-2021

Province of Rupertsland: Mabel Brown, Theresa Halkett, Martha Kunuk, Freda Lepine, Sheba McKay, Murray Still, Rosie Jane Tailfeathers, Manasee Ulayuk. Province of Ontario

Sandra Fox, Dorothy Patterson, Norm Wesley. Province of BC/Yukon, John Haugen Ingrid Johnson, Willard Martin. Province of Canada, Annie Ittoshat. (11 women, 5 men).

New Zealand Partners: The Rt. Rev. Richard Wallace, The Rev. (Nganehu) Mere Wallace and The Rt. Rev. TeKitohi Wiremu Pikaahu described the evolution of the Anglican Church in New Zealand from 1814 to the present. Currently there are 5 Indigenous Maori Bishops.