Shoal Lake 40 Freedom Road

Shoal Lake Freedom Road

Shoal Lake is located in Eastern Manitoba and the Kenora area of Northwest Ontario. It is best known to most Winnipeggers as the source of our drinking water. It is also home to Shaol Lake 40 First Nation. Shoal Lake 40 First Nation is an Ojibwa or Ontario Saulteaux First Nation located in the Eastman Region of Manitoba and the Kenora District of Ontario.

While we in Winnipeg enjoy fresh, clean water thanks to Shoal Lake, the people of Shoal Lake 40 have been living under a boil water advisory for over 18 years, and have been without a road to their land for over 100. As far as the boil water advisory goes, just think of how frustrated we were when we had a few days of it in Winnipeg, now multiply that by about 1,000 times.

Shoal Lake Freedom Road
St. Philip’s Sign with a message of support for the Shoal Lake 40 Freedom Road project.

The project would cost $30 million with the city of Winnipeg and the Province of Manitoba each having promised $10 million so far. Now, we are waiting on our Federal government to step up and add the $10 million remaining.

Here in Rupert’s Land our Bishop, Donald Phillips, has encouraged all individuals and parishes to get behind this initiative. The Truth and Reconciliation Committee only recently submitted their final report. The report though, is only the beginning. The next step is to live out reconciliation, and supporting this initiative is one way in which we can do that.

Our access to clean drinking water should not be at Shoal Lake 40’s cost.

The links below will give you ideas of how you can become involved and will also provide more background on Shoal Lake 40’s situation.

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