Advent – Christmas Events at Saint Philip’s

This Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent. Over the next several weeks there will be several events celebrating this season and then moving on to celebrate Christmas. Below we’ve provided a list of all the services between now and Christmas. Some of these are at our usual 11 am, and some are taking place during the time our 4 pm service meets.

Christmas is often a time when people wish to remember the traditions that formed them as children, and we invite you to come along and connect with a friendly, and loving community that hopes to help you discover new meaning, and new relationships in the midst of these treasured traditions.

St. Philips wreath
Advent wreath at St. Philips.

Dec 2: Advent 1

Morning Prayer 11 am. Following the service there will be our usual coffee time.
No 4 pm service

Dec 9: Advent 2

Our 11 am service is Holy Eucharist. Following the service we will hold our Annual Advent potluck in the Memorial
Hall. We invite everyone to bring a dish to share. However, if you are unable to provide a dish, don’t let that stop you from attending.

Our 4 pm service for this week is also Holy Eucharist. Followed by a light meal in the Memorial Hall

Dec 16: Advent 3

We are doing something different for this Sunday in Advent. At 4 pm there will be a children’s pageant. So, we decided that we would cancel the 11 am service, and that the whole community would gather together to join with the children in their pageant.

There will be warm beverages, and treats served after the service(Memorial Hall).

Dec 21(Friday)

Carol Singing with The Janzen Boys 7 pm. We will be singing carols In English, French, and we might even get the chance to learn one in Swahili. That’s the plan for now, but we may add extras as we go along. Follow this link to hear The Janzen Boys doing a cover of Neil Young’s Helpless, Helpless, Helpless. Hot beverages and treats to be included.

Dec 23: Advent 4

For the last Sunday in Advent we will be celebrating Eucharist at the 11 am service, followed by coffee and treats.
We will also be celebrating Eucharist  at the 4 pm service, with a light meal to follow.

Dec 24(Monday)

Christmas Eve. We start our evening with a carol sing. This sing-a-long is a pick your favourite. We use our Book of Common Praise and invite people to choose their favourites. This starts at 7:00 pm, and at 7:30 we remember the story of the birth of Jesus followed by celebrating the Lord’s Supper together.

7:00 pm carol singing
7:30 pm Christmas Eve Eucharist

Dec 25(Tuesday)

Christmas Day: We will once again remember the story of Jesus’s birth(different readings) and celebrate the Eucharist at 11 am

Please note that there is no coffee time on Christmas eve or Christmas Day.

Dec 30: Christmas 1

By this Sunday we will be in the middle of the Twelve Days of Christmas. As Christmas is a whole period of celebration and not just one day, the 11 am service will be a service of Holy Eucharist.

We will update you on the plans for the 4 pm services as they get solidified.

January 6th: Epiphany

Yes, Christmas extends all the way into the New Year. Epiphany is the last day of Christmas (in the Western Calendar). Today we will observe and celebrate the journey of the Wise Men. Normally the first Sunday of the month is morning prayer, but on such an important feast day we will be celebrating Holy Eucharist at 11 am. We will be back to serving coffee and treats after the service, as well.

Our plans for 4 pm are still to be worked out.

Advent Through Christmas

Today marks the first Sunday in Advent. We at St. Philip’s will be marking this season and the following Christmas season with a variety of services and events. We wish to invite any who do not already have a place to gather in community over this time to join us for any or all of these events. Advent is a time for waiting. For many people this is an increasingly difficult thing to do, particularly as they feel challenged by the fast pace that accompanies the approach to Christmas. At St. Philip’s we intend to honour this waiting time.

Advent is also a time of preparation. While we prepare for Christmas, we also prepare for the coming of Christ’s kingdom in it’s fullness. The themes of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love are also characteristics of the coming kingdom that we can practice now. Come join us at St. Philip’s during Advent as we strive to together understand what these themes mean for our lives today.

St. Philips Advent wreath
Advent wreath at St. Philips.

Sunday, November 29, Advent 1

11:00 am Holy Eucharist. Reverend Donald is Preaching. The theme is hope.

Sunday, December 6, Advent 2

11:00 am Morning Prayer. Reverend Donald is at St. Mark’s so there will be a guest preacher. The theme is peace. Continue reading

Advent Through Christmas

This Sunday marks the beginning of Advent. During the four weeks before Christmas there will be a variety of opportunities to celebrate Advent at St. Philip’s. All of the Sunday services start at 11:00 am.

Advent 1 – November 30:

Our service will be at 11:00 am, with Rev. Donald preaching.

Advent 2 – December 7:

Sean Carlson, a parishioner of St. Margaret’s, will be making a presentation on the Ugandan Orphans Fund. This will take place during our 11 am Eucharist (BAS). After the service there will be a hot & cold potluck in the memorial hall. We invite you to stay for that. Hopefully Mr. Carlson will be able to speak more at that time, but if not, we can still share our thoughts, dreams and visions on how we can work with this fund.

Advent 3 – December 14:

St. Philip’s will be holding a service of Advent Lessons and Carols. Deacon Tanis and the choir have already been making their preparations for this morning.

Advent 4 – December 21:

Rev. Tanis will be preaching at this service. As part of the sermon she will be sharing some stories that will give us a glimpse into her work with Open Circle. As a deacon, Tanis helps the parish to take it’s place in the outside community. It will be exciting to listen to what has happened to Tanis, and where she has encountered God already at work in the lives of the people she meets.

About the Nave of St. Philip's, advent

Christmas Eve – December 24:

Our Christmas eve service begins at 7:30 pm. However, we invite people to arrive at 7:00 pm and join with us in a time of carol singing.

Christmas Day – December 25:

As with our Sunday services, our Christmas Day service will be held at 11:00 am. If for some reason you were able to make any of the Christmas Eve services available, we would be most happy to have you join us for Christmas morning.

As usual, we will have our Wednesday 1pm Eucharist each week during Advent. For any questions, please call 204-237-3650 line 2, or email the church at