Roast Beef Dinner, St. Philip’s

Yesterday, after St. Philip’s had observed Remembrance Day, we held our annual Roast Beef Dinner. The roast beef dinner is one of the highlight events for our parish. The food is great, and you can read more about that over at Rev. Donald’s blog, Dining with Donald.

An event like this dinner can’t be accomplished without a lot of help. Much of this help came from within the parish, but we had other help as well. As we were planning we realized we didn’t have a big enough coffee maker. Fortunately, our friends at St. Margaret’s were able to lend us theirs. Thanks.

We served a lot of coffee.
We served a lot of coffee.

When it came to the kitchen, Christy Schmidt was in charge of the cooking and she did a terrific job making sure that everything was ready. On Monday she had great help from her husband Andy (our people’s warden), and mother-in-law Barb as there was a hole pile of slicing and dicing to do. Also, thanks to Bobbie Touga, Christy, and Rev. Donald for contributing desserts.

Of course, not only is there a lot of food that needs to be gotten ready, the tables and chairs have to be set up and made to look attractive. Thanks to Guy our caretaker for setting the tables up, and to Mike and Stephanie who did the necessary work to make them look great.

Roast Beef Dinner settings
Table setting for the Roast Beef Dinner

The food was fantastic. We enjoyed it so much that we were only able to get pictures of some of the items. Everyone was too busy eating most of the time. The gallery below contains pictures of only about half the menu.

On Tuesday Christy and Andy were joined by their friend Evan in the kitchen. He worked tirelessly to help get the meal ready. Areen and Marion got the desserts plated and ready to go. Gloria, who’s the Rector’s Warden was ticket taker.

Areen and Marion Roast Beef Dinner
Areen and Marion getting the desserts organized

When it came time to serve, the Guides under the leadership of Doreen and Laura Gooding made sure that there was plenty of food to go around, that people got coffee, and their tables were cleared at the appropriate time. At clean up, Stephen, Ryan and Ben, more friends of Andy and Christy pitched in to help us all get home at a reasonable time.

So, the food was well taken care of. However, the other measure of a good supper is whether or not everybody enjoyed themselves. On that account we would say the Roast Beef Dinner was a smashing success. The noise level in the room was at a dull roar all evening. The only thing that brought the conversation to a temporary halt was when Rev. Donald was calling out the table numbers for people to get their food.

Not only that, but not many people seemed to be in a hurry to leave. Sure there were a few who had to make an early exit, but generally people lingered over their food and conversations.

St. Philip’s has always had a good relationship with the local government representatives. Last night was no exception. It was a pleasure to meet our new city councillor, Matt Allard. Our local MP Shelly Glover continues to be a faithful friend and supporter of St. Philip’s, she was present last night, along with our previous city councillor Dan Vandal who has also been a faithful supporter and friend to the parish. In addition we had representatives from Premier Greg Selinger’s office along with retired city councillor Lillian Thomas.

Their were many other friends of the parish and supporters as well. It was great having the opportunity to meet the extended families of some of our parishioners. To all who came out, we thank you very much. We look forward to seeing you again at future dinners and other events. The pictures that follow were taken by David Cain, a parishioner and buildings and grounds supervisor for the parish. If anyone has been left out in the thanks, please forgive us, we appreciated the efforts of all.